Raw protein cookie dough balls!


Because everyone loves to take a snack with them on road trips!! I have created a super simple recipe to get you through that long drive... 


- 1/2 almond meal 

- 2 tbsp vanilla protein powder 

- 2 tbsp crunchy peanut butter 

- 2 tbsp coconut cream 

- 4 squares 72% chocolate (roughly chopped) 

- sprinkle of pink salt 


In a large mixing bowl combine almond meal and protein then add peanut butter and coconut cream mix well, Once you get the batter consistency fold in the chocolate chips. Scoop out with table spoon and roll into balls ( makes around 8 balls) place your mixture in the fridge allow to set for at least two hours. 

I hope you enjoy this super simple recipe, as always let me know what you think! 


Simone. xx  


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